Jaime Fonte

Jaime Fonte is the author of the books “80 Percent of your Overweight is in your Mind”, “ I Am not Stressed" and “Never Mad Again”.

Since a young age, he had a deep interest in helping others, which lead him to take multidisciplinary studies with some of the most brilliant minds of Personal Transformation and Energy Psychology in the world. 

He is a EFT-Tapping Practitioner, and a Life Coach among others.

For more than fifteen years, Jaime has improved the life of thousands  with his entertaining and profound conferences and workshops, including “Never Mad Again” and “80 Percent of Your Overweight is in Your Mind”.

80 Percent of your Overweight is in your Mind

Available in Spanish. 

Comming soon in English and other languages

Professional Speaker, Emotional Well Being Pioneer, Stress management expert, Author 


Una guía práctica para vivir libres del estrés.

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